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Currently Accepting New Gold Sellers for Atlantiss's Netherwing WoW!

Our team is split: some run the website, others are there, in-game, farming the gold we sell.

We can not meet the current gold demand, and we have opened our doors for new farmers to join our team.

Prio is always given to players who offer better supply prices to us.

If you are up for joining our team, just fill the form below, e-mail us or contact us on Skype: v7partners

Farming gold on Netherwing 2.3.4 The Burning Crusade WoW Private Server with: Herbalism, Mining, Enchanting, Tailoring, Leatherworking, Skinning, Alchemy, Engineering, Blacksmithing, Raiding, Auction House Reselling, Grinding Elites / Mobs in High Level Areas for uncommon items.

Factions: Alliance, Horde

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