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Available Packages for Frozen Throne (Wrath of the Lich King)

The packages below are for the new x2 WotLK, Frozen Throne realm available at
Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde. Gold price was last updated today, 26th March 2023 (EU Time).

1000 Gold
$99.95 USD

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2000 Gold
$199.95 USD

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3000 Gold
$299.95 USD

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Available Packages for Karazhan (Burning Crusade)

The packages below are for the new x2 TBC, Karazhan realm available at
Gold is available for both Alliance & Horde. Gold price was last updated today, 26th March 2023 (EU Time).

2000 Gold
$23.90 USD

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5000 Gold
$59.75 USD

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10000 Gold
$119.5 USD

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Update 19th September 2021:
WoW Classic: Burning Crusade will be progressing from Phase 1 to Phase 2 in the upcoming days. If you need gold for WoW Classic TBC, visit our Gold4Vanilla website. The website was recently expanded to support the sale of New World MMO Coins for the upcoming Amazon Games MMO.

Update: 2nd June 2021: List of services for all WoW TBC Classic NA servers: Anathema Horde Gold / Arcanite Reaper Horde Gold / Arugal Horde Gold / Ashkandi Horde Gold / Atiesh Horde Gold / Azuresong Horde Gold / Benediction Horde Gold / Bigglesworth Horde Gold / Blaumeux Horde Gold / Bloodsail Buccaneers Horde Gold / Deviate Delight Horde Gold / Earthfury Horde Gold / Faerlina Horde Gold / Fairbanks Horde Gold / Felstriker Horde Gold / Grobbulus Horde Gold / Heartseeker Horde Gold / Herod Horde Gold / Herod Horde Gold / Kirtonos Horde Gold / Kromcrush Horde Gold / Kurinnaxx Horde Gold / Loatheb Horde Gold / Mankrik Horde Gold / Myzrael Horde Gold / Netherwind Horde Gold / Old Blanchy Horde Gold / Pagle Horde Gold / Rattlegore Horde Gold / Remulos Horde Gold / Skeram Horde Gold / Smolderweb Horde Gold / Stalagg Horde Gold / Sulfuras Horde Gold / Sul'thraze Horde Gold / Thalnos Horde Gold / Thunderfury Horde Gold / Westfall Horde Gold / Whitemane Horde Gold / Windseeker Horde Gold / Yojamba Horde Gold /

Update 26th January 2020:
We now support the new private WotLK server called Mograine by, check here for Whitemane Mograine Gold. You can also buy Whitemane Gold (Mograine) on our partner site

Update 23th July 2020:
We now support the new server, check here for Karazhan Gold. You can also buy Atlantiss Gold for Karazhan on our partner site

Update 28th May 2019:
We now have the best price on the market. Safe & Fast Netherwing gold delivery at €15.95 per 1000 gold.

Update 2nd May 2019:
Price is lowered even further. If you are looking for great WotLK realm, please check Twinstar recently merged their Hades & Artemis into a single realm called Apollo WoW.

Update 31th March 2019:
We just lowered our pricing by more than 50%. Netherwing gold is available at 3.55 per 100g pricing. We had to postpone the update because we were also focusing on the Elysium Project: Nethergarde realm - which is a freshly released classic server which will progress through TBC. If you prefer Light's hope, you can buy Northdale accounts on

Major Update 13th January 2019:
Netherwing gold can finally be purchased from our website. We updated the pricing to offer the cheapest gold possible, delivered in a secure way. If you are looking for Netherwing Powerleveling, or Ready Made accounts, check our V7 Netherwing page.

Major Update 9th June 2018:
Due to the large gold stock we have amassed, we decided to drastically lower our prices - they are now down by 50% (Double). 100k gold now costs €45 instead of €90. Enjoy your gold :-)

Atlantiss's history can be traced back to 2011. It started as TBC PTE (Progress Through Expansions) server and successfully progressed to the 4.3.4 update of Cataclysm. Solid, Blizzlike scripts, steady population with x1 experience & money rates.

Gold4Atlantiss was launched in 2016. We primarly focus on providing our services for Atlantiss's Dragonwrath realm. To clear any confusion, Dragonwrath is the only playable realm on the server. You can check the following page to see how it works, or if you have solid amount of gold stocked, we might be interested to purchase it from you - check the sell gold page.

Update: 4th January 2019 - In addition to their Dragonwrath realm, Atlantiss launched their new TBC realm called Netherwing.

FAQ - for buying Atlantiss WoW gold

1. How fast will i get the gold?

- As fast as possible. We have several people online throughout the day ready to deliver within minutes of your purchase.

2. What about the pricing??

- Our pricing is fair considering it is a x1 Blizzlike server, and not a MoP / WoD expansion, so the gold is not accumulated so fast.

3. Are Atlantiss gold trades secure?

- Yes, 100%. We won't get your account compromised at all. We run dozen of WoW gold-sites and we are way ahead of everyone with our transfer methods.

4. Do you have a Refund Policy?

- If you don't receive your gold within a maximum of 24 hours, just send us an e-mail for a refund. We won't ask any questions.

Client Testimonials

10g and 100g bought for Netherwing TBC

Victor Salopek viccy***** (13th Jan '19)

I bought gold for Netherwing: 10g to test and 100g right after. Really safe delivery method via the Auction House.

Thanks for the trades

Olof Hajdenberg bergzor***** (14th Mar '18)

The only seller that remained since i started playing on Atlantiss. Thanks for the trades!

4.3 being released on Atlantiss

Felipe Mayewski philipo***** (2nd Oct '17)

With the 4.3 patch being released, I am glad i found this website on time, thanks for the gold much appreciated!

Multiple 100k orders

Shang Farstad staddy***** (15th May '17)

Multiple 100k gold packages were delivered week ago, my toon is now overpowered and safe ;)

This server is addictive!

Malte Bonvicini perkky11***** (31th March '17)

Bought 30k to get me going. This server is addictive!

Coming back every day

Jacob Percque perkky11***** (5th February '17)

Was tempted to buy at first, now i am coming back every day lol :))

Couldn't ressist

Janice Dinofia jdino***** (22th November '16)

I'm so impressed with Atlantiss WoW and i couldn't resist buying some gold for it :P

Biggest package upon verification

Fernand Cardosso card**** (9th November '16)

Started with the smallest package to verify the site's authenticity - ended up buying the largest one the same day. A+ service thx

5k in few minutes for Dragonwrath

Nick Peterson nick**** (11th October '16)

Just started on Dragonwrath. Bought 5k and got it in few minutes! Thanks.

Using Gold4Atlantiss once a week

Jens Partin jen**** (12th September '16)

I'm using Gold4Atlantiss at least once a week, they are always here to help. Thank you!

100 K for gearing

Nicolas Monzón nicolaem***** (20th July '16)

Lazy when it comes to gearing. That 100 K package served me well :)

Lucky i found this site

Berg Stevenson berggs***** (13th April '16)

I discovered this site today and i feel lucky that i did. Bought 20.000 gold which was delivered in 15 minutes.

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